Everyone, regardless of race, gender, age, ethnicity, sexual orientation, religion, physical or mental abilities, or geographic origin brings diversity to groups. DRC programs and activities are open to all regardless of demographic attribute. At its inception, DRC Founding Members expressed particular interest in innovative ways to attract more under-represented professionals to the state. However, there has always been and will always be inclusiveness across all demographic attributes. At this time, the DRC is focusing on four designated programs.

Please note that the locations, dates and times are currently TBD for each of the events listed below. Please check back frequently, registration coming soon. 

  • Ambassador Orientation: Orientation is required for all ambassadors wishing to be a part of the DRC. The orientation will provide an overview of the DRC network, ambassador expectations and key resources available to assist you.
  • The DRC Member Organizations Intern & Young Professionals Barbecue: This was held on  July 17th at Fluor Field in Greenville. The event provided an opportunity for interns of the various member organizations to meet and get to know their peers in other organizations. The underlying hypothesis is that as these interns consider whether South Carolina is a good place to start their careers, having friends in similar situations, career-wise, and with similar interests, can be a draw that motivates them to accept full-time job offers. In addition, they built relationships to support the remainder of their internships as well as simply had some fun.
  • The South Carolina Employee Resource Group Forum: This event is an educational workshop for members of employee resource groups, affinity groups or networking groups of member organizations. The event has two objectives: first, to provide best practice suggestions on how to make employee resource groups more value-added in organizations; second, to facilitate cross-organizational networking and best practice support. Traditional groups in member organizations, such as a “women’s network” or a Latino ERG, will be able to connect with similar and non-similar groups in other organizations. In addition, consistent with the DRC’s approach to diversity, non-traditional groups such as community service groups or healthy eating groups are also welcome. The DRC believes this Forum will be a catalyst to meaningful and lasting relationships and support across member organizations.
  • DRC FMO Luncheon: This event will bring together Founding Member Organizations  to share the status of the DRC including how the Ambassador Network is going and onboarding new member organizations and we will use this time to get input to help shape the future direction of DRC and special programming for 2014.
  • DRC "Future Workplace" Workshop: A workshop on effective recruitment and retention strategies in the ever-changing and more diverse work place with four generations of workers. The workshop is centered around game-changing tools and strategies to address unique challenges facing South Carolina based organizations. To better understand and address current recruitment and retention dynamics, Juan Johnson, an Atlanta based diversity consultant and the facilitator for the Riley Institute Diversity Leaders Initiative (DLI), will lead a discussion with workshop participants to include.