South Carolina is home to many national and global businesses seeking diverse professional talent for their organizations. Often this talent is deterred from relocating to the state due to the perception that South Carolina is not inclusive or progressive. This negative image hinders the economic development necessary for the state to thrive.

During Diversity Leaders Initiative programs, Riley Institute staff noted this recurring theme and concern from participants. Through many discussions, the idea evolved that a concerted group of organizations would be more effective at presenting a fair picture of lifestyle in the state than that which is possible with any single organization. Hence, an effort was launched to bring together organizations to better explore this idea and attempt to formalize it into programs, initiatives and actions.

The Riley Institute, South Carolina Chamber of Commerce and Greenville Chamber of Commerce are the Founding Members and have dedicated substantial time and resources to help bring the DRC concept to life. The Greenville Chamber of Commerce serves as the primary facilitator of DRC programs and activities, along with the State Chamber of Commerce and its Diversity Committee, which provided seed resources to launch critical programs. Nika White, Vice President for Diversity and Inclusion for the Greenville Chamber of Commerce, is the lead facilitator of programmatic activities; in partnership with Cliff Bourke, chairman of the State Chamber’s Diversity Committee and President of the South Carolina Diversity Foundation. DRC is a non-partisan organization and a non-profit organization.

DRC Member Organizations and individual members have access to special designated programs that leverage the critical mass of participating organizations to support the success of each Member’s recruitment and retention efforts. In addition to the designated programs, DRC members will have access to a database of ambassador volunteers to support recruitment and retention through ad hoc activities such as taking candidates to lunch, dinner, on community tours or simply having a cup of coffee and answering a candidate’s questions.


The Diversity Recruitment Consortium (DRC) is a group of organizations led by three sponsors – The Riley Institute at Furman, South Carolina Chamber of Commerce and Greenville Chamber of Commerce – working together to collectively develop innovative programs, practices and processes to increase the diversity of professional and executive talent in South Carolina-based organizations. Where traditional methods of recruitment may fail to adequately address candidate reservations about moving to the state, the DRC uses a more sophisticated recruitment style which offers a broader understanding of what our state has to offer for individual careers and lifestyle opportunities.

How We Operate

  • The Riley Institute: Founding sponsor, created the DRC concept, secured initial investments from founding member organizations and coordinated initial start-up efforts
  • South Carolina Chamber of Commerce: Coordinating sponsor, synchronization and integration of activities to ensure that the resources are used most efficiently in pursuit of the specified objectives; provided seed resources to launch critical programs
  • Greenville Chamber: Maleaging sponsor in partnership with the Riley Institute; provides management expertise for DRC (planning, organizing, management, leadership, steering committee facilitation)
  • Founding Member Organizations (FMO): Original investors/core decision-making authority; approves action recommendations from Steering Committee
  • Honorary CEO Council: Supports DRC by lending name/verbal support where needed as leverage for success
  • Steering Committee: Subset of FMO; provides leadership, makes action recommendations to the FMO, works in concert with Greenville Chamber representative to provide execution/planning support
  • Member Organizations: Any organizations wishing to participate in DRC activities
  • Ambassador Network: Employees of Member Organizations that commit to participating in DRC activities; approved by their company; must go through orientation and training